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I've consulted with hundreds of small business owners Nationwide over the last six years. If you'd like to discuss your online marketing efforts and ideas with someone familar with online advertising then please consider purchasing my three hour consulting block for a one time fee of $100.00.

Simply fill out the application below and you'll be taken to a payment screen. Once payment has cleared I'll contact you within 24 / 48 hours via e-mail and phone to discuss your website and marketing related questions that you might have.

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Thank you for your interest in utilizing this keyword discovery tool to help you quickly and effortlessly build a large list of potential hyperlocal keywords for your online marketing efforts.

All you need to do is plug in the areas that you market into the 'Areas' section along with your specific state. Following that, you'll want to add the types of services that you provide. So for example if you are a plumber, you might consider using words like, "Plumbing", "Plumbing Services", "Plumber" and so on.

Be sure to tell us who you are, your e-mail address, website address and who referred you if anyone. We do send you an e-mail with your new keyword list as a CSV attachment and like to see who is using the tool from time to time in order to make it more useful.

Finally, if you have any suggestions on how to improve this keyword tool please send @10minutes a tweet or post your suggestion on the Facebook page for 10Minutes.